Hey there, welcome to BCA! We’re architects who love designing houses that are environmentally conscious and delightful to occupy. We create spaces that engage with the elements, that are comfortable and use natural materials.

We’re interested in the power of architecture to positively impact our lives and lift our spirits. Biophylia, the innate human desire to connect with nature and other living things, inspires our approach to designing spaces that connect people with the living environment and of course connect them with other people.

We’re concerned about the impact human activity has on our environment. We try to minimise the resources consumed in occupation and manufacture of our buildings. We use sound principles of sustainable design to reduce the energy required to operate our buildings. We design to the specific environmental conditions of each site so that our buildings work with Australia’s elements – warming sun, cooling breezes, local rainfall and topography and foliage.

Based in Northcote, Australia, we love to work in our neighbourhood and the immediate surrounds from Fairfield to Fitzroy and Carlton to Brunswick. Although our projects do span across Victoria, from coast to country.

Architeam Emerging Architect Award 2019

Architeam Awards 2019 Emerging Architect Award Judges citation:

Ben Callery Architects is an architectural practice committed to pursuing sustainable and creative architecture.  In their work, we can see a glimpse of the future of architecture – one that appears to easily combine design and sustainability into strong and clear architectural forms. Underpinned by passive solar design, off-grid living and natural ventilation Ben Callery Architects’ works explore the relationship between form and well-being.


Australian Institute of Architects


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