Rise House, Carlton North

Behind a double storey Victorian heritage terrace, this extension takes flight over its cavernous context.

Twin parabolic rooves soar over the tall neighbouring parapets twisting as they rise; up to the north to draw in warming sunlight and down to the south, to not overshadow neighbours.

Our clients, an empty nest couple, wanted to retain and restore the heritage façade and provide a light-filled extension at the rear.

The main challenge was the site’s dense context, double storey heritage terrace houses with large rear extensions on each side of the 6m wide block, making it difficult to bring sun in.

The northern side neighbour’s parapet, like a battlement to the sun, steps progressively down towards the east at rear of the property providing an opportunity for a raking roof to direct morning sunlight into our house. On the south side the existing neighbouring property doesn’t comply with minimum regulatory requirements for unshaded private open space so couldn’t be overshadowed any more. So our new roof rakes down dramatically at this end.

This roof form continues over the first floor bedroom with one continuous angle on the southern side raking and twisting up to frame horizontal northern and western windows.

The highlight window provides connection between occupants on each level and views through to sky beyond. External shading to these windows and the skylight prevent overheating.

A restrained palette of materials emphasise the form bringing in the light. White surfaces reflect light. The striation of the lining boards accentuate the twist in the ceiling. Timber floor and cabinetry provide warmth in the natural light. Brickwork of the original structure is retained and exposed in the courtyard and lightwell to show the history of the site.

Moving through the house and across the levels is a journey into light that culminates at the roof deck with unexpected views of sky, treetops and North Carlton’s rooftops beyond the confines of the relatively small site.

The passive solar design is complemented by active solar technology and a fossil fuel free spec, with efficient all-electric heating and appliances.

Project Team: Ben Callery + Tim Shallue

Photography: Jack Lovel

Styling: Justine Murphy

Builder: Clancy Constructions